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Analog Mastering: Elevating Your Music to a Realm of Timeless Elegance and Sonic Mastery.


Stereo Mastering from a single Stereo File.

STEM Mastering

Analog stem mastering up to 16 channels (mono) or 8 Stereo.

Tape Layback Mastering

It is the same as stereo master with the addition of our Studer A80. Warmth, Depth, Clarity and "aliveness."

Tape/Cassete Digitization/Transfer and Restorations

Transfers from 1/4 Tape or Cassete. Restoration of recordings, Cleaning Noise and Dialogue Post Production.

Mastering is the sonic wizardry that whispers the final secrets to each musical masterpiece.

Focusing On What Matters Most

Precision in Every Wave, Mastery in Every Note: Our Vision, Your Sonic Perfection.

No shortcuts, no compromises, Your Sound at its Zenith.


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Mix Preparation before you send files

- Check that the file is clipping. Ideally leaving a -6dbfs headroom is recommended

- Your files should be at the Sample Rate it was mixed ex. 44.1Khz and at 24 or 32bit Depth. Avoid 16bit

- You can upload your files through wetransfer and send them with your inquiry at info@plussixmastering.com